Free Compliance Audit

If you have no idea where to start or feel you’re swamped by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) you’re not alone, but remember that GDPR is just an extension and tightening up of the rules that have governed data collection and storage for years.

Everyone’s heard of the Data Protection Act, that came into force in 1998, which actually contained most of the rules and regulations found in GDPR so the good news is you’re probably 80% there already, it’s just that last 20%.

So how compliant are you? Well there’s a simple way to find out, just enter your sites URL in the box above and we’ll take a look and review your site for you. We’ll review your privacy policy, the data you collect and how you use it. We’ll highlight any obvious mistakes and give suggestions as to how to improve, then if you’re happy we can even work with you to improve your systems and processes and really make compliance pay, so what are you waiting for enter your website URL above today!

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