Creating a new normal

In this troubling world of Coronavirus and Lockdowns, it can be hard to see a way forward in business. You might be worried about whether your customers will return, how you might run your business within social distancing regulations and how to keep your staff safe. Here at Neon Otter, we are experts at taking a step back, reviewing a situation and helping our clients to find new ways to create their new normal. If you're looking for help in re-starting your business post-Covid19, please get in touch, we're here to help.

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Using customer data to engage with your customers

From analysing customer journeys to advising on techniques and wording that drive data collection, we take our clients existing processes and modernise them. 

Putting the customer at the centre of the journey we find the right ways to collect data in line with the latest regulations and on-board that data to ensure your database is as engaged as possible and ready to spend at the right time for them.

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Marketing Campaigns from idea to delivery

With 15 years’ experience of CRM and e-mail marketing, we know how to build digital marketing campaigns that resonate with customers whatever your targets and goals. Many SMEs have limited resources and budgets, even more so during these difficult times. We're here to show you the full value of Customer Relationship Management or CRM and how it can be used to re-engage your customers now and in the future. Neon Otter allows you to start the process of developing customer journeys without the large long term investment of staff.

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